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Company History

Hamblin & Associates is located in the Hilltop Town & Country Shopping Center next to Les Schwab.

Kit started his career in income taxes as a field auditor for the IRS in the late 1960's. At that time he was living in Santa Rosa auditing various businesses in the Bay Area. In 1968 he took a promotion to Redding, also as a field auditor. His audit roll consisted of local ranches, lumber mills and small businesses here in Northern California. In 1974 Kit left the IRS to start his own practice and Hamblin & Associates, Inc. was formed.

Kit's experience as an IRS auditor taught him all of the workings of how the IRS interprets the tax code and also how they collect taxes.

One of Kit's favorite stories about his time at the IRS is about an audit he did up in Modoc county on a rancher around 1973. He went up there on a field audit and spent some time with the rancher and his family learning how the ranch worked and got to know the family really well. The rancher would take Kit hunting and fishing and of course dicuss his tax issues.
But being the great auditor that he was, when he left the ranch, he left the family with a tax bill to the IRS for about ten thousand dollars. A few years later this rancher found out that Kit had left the IRS and had a practice of his own. So he decided to call Kit and have him review his tax returns. When Kit got done amending the prior years tax returns, he had not only gotten the rancher's ten thousand dollars back but also the interest on the money.

He grew up in Fort Bragg California where he spent most of his free time around the fishing docks and commercial fisherman. That is why Kit's real passion has always been ocean fishing.

Kit's oldest son, Marc, joined the firm in 1993. Marc also enjoys fishing with his wife Judy and their
two children, Amanda and Jared.

In January of 2007 Hamblin & Associates, Inc. added a new member to the family business. Mary Hernandez joined the firm and she handles all of the day to day operations, manages the front office, processes tax returns and keeps clients on track and happy. We're very pleased and grateful to have Mary a part of the Hamblin & Associates family.


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