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Hamblin & Associates is located in the Hilltop Town & Country Shopping Center next to Les Schwab.

Kit started his career in income taxes as a field auditor for the IRS in the late 1960's. At that time he was living in Santa Rosa auditing various businesses in the Bay Area. In 1968 he took a promotion to Redding, also as a field auditor. His audit roll consisted of local ranches, lumber mills and small businesses here in Northern California. In 1974 Kit left the IRS to start his own practice and Hamblin & Associates, Inc. was formed.

Kit's experience as an IRS auditor taught him all of the workings of how the IRS interprets the tax code and also how they collect taxes...

Hamblin & Associates, Inc was started in 1974 by Kit Hamblin. We specialize in all forms of taxation. Whether it is individual, corporate, fiduciary or estate tax, we have the answers you are looking for.

We also specialize in asset purchases and sales, tax free exchanges and deferring income over a number of years through installment sales.

Trying to figure out taxes is hard enough, let alone trying to find them on the Internet. Here are some links you may want to try to find answers to some of your questions.

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